Katherine Payne


Fred Sherrill, IV

Our Love Story

How We Met...

At the end of February 2009 Katie went to Sam's Club to apply for a job at the phone kiosk inside Sam's Club in Hickory, NC where Fred happen to be working in the produce section. Katie got the job and began working there in March of 2009. After about 2 weeks of noticing this awesome guy with the most amazing afro (like were talking from the 70's) it was truly epic, along with his super sweet wrist bands and lime green gauged out ears and tattoos. Katie knew immediately she had to know this kid who was confident enough to rock such a look. Finally, one day Fred and Katie spoke, and they instantly became friends. With all sorts of funny stories, concerts, and famous Cook Out runs in the middle of the night, their friendship grew and grew. Fred soon became one of Katie's best friends and confidants.

More than Friends…

Fred says he always knew he wanted Katie. However, they both were always in relationships. Katie and Fred jokingly made a deal around 2011 that if Katie was 30 years old and still single, they would get married and have kids. Little did Fred know Katie had always had a crush on him. Every time they spoke and left or ended a conversation it always ended in a hug and/or an "I love you" now Katie meant it every time.

Katie realized on February 21, 2016, she was in love with Fred, not just as friend but something more. Fred always made Katie feel safe, happy and was always there to listen, support and calm her down.

So, what happened that day on February 21, 2016? Fred was living in Raleigh at the time and while visiting Hickory, he made plans with Katie. Katie and Fred spent the whole day together, Fred ran a crazy amount of errands with Katie that day and they stopped to each lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, that’s when Katie realized after one of their great conversations ever that she was sitting across the table from her soulmate.

In August in 2016, Fred moved to Charlotte, NC that is when Katie was able to start visiting him, before they knew that were seeing each other and Fred asked Katie out on October 14, 2016, by saying "so are we doing this?" It was just so us.

The Proposal…

Katie is not one for all the attention of everyone being on her. After coming up with many different ideas on how to propose, including going to the frozen yogurt place, Sweet Frog where we had one of our first dates before becoming "exclusive" Fred had plan to ask Katie to be his girlfriend there originally. So, instead he was going to propose to Katie there after he had asked for permission to marry Katie from her dad. Of course, Fred opted out for what he feels was more us. We were lying in bed being lazy in our apartment in Mooresville, NC. Fred asked Katie to "be his forever" not sure if she understood or heard correctly, Katie goes "wait, did you just ask me to marry you?" that's when Fred handed Katie her engagement ring and of course Katie said YES! and now here we are.
Lauren Chism